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October 18, 2017

RFL mentoring program makes the news!

We're happy to share this video featuring Jayme Presley talking about our mentoring program, Scaffolded Solutions.

RFL is active in school and district improvement.

In collaboration with the Texas Legislative Budget Board (LBB), RFL has either led or participated in several School Performance Reviews. The School Performance Review team conducts comprehensive and targeted reviews of school districts⠡nd charter schools⠥ducational, financial and operational services and programs. For each district reviewed, the team produces a report that identifies accomplishments, findings, and recommendations based on the analysis of data and onsite study of the district's or charter schoolⳠoperations. In addition to helping the reviewed district make their operations more efficient and improve student performance, the reports serve as resources to other districts and educational organizations.

The following list includes all of the performance reviews that RFL has participated in:

RFL helps to develop innovative fine arts and digital literacy courses.

RFL is partnering with the Texas Cultural Trust (TCT) in the development of a series of innovative courses for high school students that bridge the fine arts (visual art, music, theatre, and dance) with media literacy and technology applications. These courses create learning experiences that develop students' capacities for critical thinking, creativity, imagination, and innovation. Based on a combined set of fine arts and technology standards, the courses are rigorous and teach integrated, relevant college and career skills that prepare students for the 21st century workplace.

To date, RFL has overseen development for curricula and teacher training for five of the eight courses:

  • Art and Media Communications I
  • Art and Media Communications II
  • Dance and Media Communications I
  • Music and Media Communications I
  • Theatre and Media Communications I

The remaining three courses (Dance and Media Communications II, Theatre and Media Communications II, and Music and Media Communications II) are scheduled for development during 2014-2016.

In 2013, the Texas State Board of Education approved the new student standards for Fine Arts紨e Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). All eight of the TrustⳠinnovative courses were approved for fine arts credit beginning in 2015-2016. Currently the courses are available as elective credit. For more information or to download these freely-available courses, visit http://www.txartandmedia.org.

RFL President, Linda Wurzbach, explains the benefits of quality mentoring programs for beginning teachers in the cover article for the April 2013 issue of Texas Lone Star Magazine!

In this flagship publication for the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB), Ms. Wurzbach shares her professional expertise gathered over years of working as a key member in the development and implementation of several state- and district-wide educator support programs. Ms. Wurzbach details the elements that influence successful outcomes for such mentoring programs, from leadership to student achievement. Read the article, Performance and Savings: Quality Mentoring for Beginning Teachers Provides Both.